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Do you know how to use Instagram for your business?

Would you like to increase your Instagram followers? Instagram is a great platform for communicating with customers. This social network has more than 400 million monthly active users (UPD billion), 3.5 billion likes are put on it daily. Use Instagram for your business the right way and you can achieve instant marketing success. On Instagram, do you tell your brand's visual story, connect with your followers, and collect user generated content by running contests? Or are you just a beginner and are faced with the task of increasing the number of your subscribers? In today's post, we've rounded up 52 Instagram marketing tips to help you promote your brand on Instagram more effectively (check Amanda Cerny IG profile for inspiration).

Create a unique brand strategy

Instagram content strategy should focus on a unique vision of the world. Photos and videos are shared on this social network. Therefore, it is important to define your style and stick to it.

Use branded hashtags

Just like Shein Instagram Influencer does, include your brand name as a hashtag in your posts. Also tag your marketing campaigns with a unique hashtag. For example, if you're running an Instagram photo contest, create a hashtag specifically for it. This helps promote content and allows users to find other contestants. This is how Dry Soda uses the #fridayDRYday brand hashtag to con

Organize a hashtag contest

Hashtag contests allow your followers to upload their photos with a specific hashtag. All contributors will then appear in the Facebook gallery or website where they can be voted on. Khairul Amin profile can be a nice example of that.

Make your followers famous

Show your customers that you value them by sharing their photos on social media. But don't forget to ask permission to post. Starbucks is one of the top three brands on Instagram. They often use this tactic. Once every few weeks, Starbucks picks the best photo of their product from a subscriber. Plus, they update their Facebook page cover with Instagram photos. Fans of the brand love it a lot.

Add user photos to the site

Instagram allows you to add photos to various sites. Take Starbucks' example and post the best photos of your brand or product from followers on your website. Do not forget to tell them about it and ask permission in advance.