At a remote location, the workplace drifts around the apartment: you are lying on the bed with a laptop, chatting, lounging on the couch, talking in zoom, sitting on a stool at the kitchen table. And in the evening, my back hurts and my neck becomes numb. Sound familiar? So, it`s time to equip a comfortable workplace with an armchair in which you can spend the whole day without unpleasant consequences.


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Sit back: how to choose a good work chair

We understand the types and characteristics of chairs - what you can save on, or, conversely, not worth it.


  • This white gaming chair, for example, has a comfortable anatomical seat that follows the contours of the body, a cushion for the lumbar and a headrest. Only expensive models have all this in office chairs.
  • Strength. Gaming chairs are stronger and more stable than office chairs. They have an all-metal frame and reinforced parts, because during the game, gamers can behave actively - jumping, moving, swinging strongly. The all-metal frame in office chairs is the privilege of expensive models.
  • Price. The price of an ordinary office chair is from 2,000 rubles. The simplest gaming experience will cost three times as much.Additional options. Gaming chairs, as a rule, allow you to adjust the angle of the backrest and the height of the armrests. This is rare for office models.
  • At first glance, gaming chairs are more comfortable and more functional than office chairs, but are all their options needed? Let's talk in detail about the characteristics that are important when choosing a good work chair from both categories.

Chair height: customizable for your height

Almost all models of office and gaming chairs allow you to adjust the seat height. Adjusting the seat height to your height is important to maintain correct posture. For this, the legs must be
 on the floor at a right angle, and the surface of the desktop is at the level of the solar plexus.

Weight: how much will it withstand

When choosing a chair, pay attention to the weight that it can support. For office chairs, this is usually 100-120 kg, for gaming chairs - 150-180 kg. In fact, it is an indicator of the strength of the chair. The higher the bar, the more reliable the frame and components, which means the chair will last longer. If your weight is more than 100 kg, take a chair with a safety margin.

Backrest: adjustable resistance and height

The height of the backrest is not as important as the height of the lumbar support, which looks like an ergonomic bend or bolster. It should be clearly at the lumbar level and fit snugly.

Adjusting the backrest resistance (affects how you can swing on it) is also important. It can be mechanical and automatic. With an automatic, the chair adjusts itself to your weight. A properly tuned chair should not sway too easily or, on the contrary, with great effort.

If you often sit leaning over a table, choose a chair with a negative recline angle. The forward tilt of the backrest prevents excessive pressure on the inner thighs.

Seat: customize the seat

Depth adjustment allows you to increase or decrease the size of the seat depending on your height. A chair is considered ergonomic when the distance from the edge of the seat to the inner bend of the knee is the width of your palm. If this distance is greater, you will drown in the chair. If less, you will constantly slide.

Synchromechanism: repeats movements

It is difficult to sit still during work. We swing back and forth, fidget, bend to the sides. It is good when the seat and back of the chair repeat the movements, and the spine does not lose contact with the back. Synchromechanism is responsible for this. If it is not there, the back will quickly get tired and hurt.

Do not be afraid that the chair will tip over if you swing too actively - the design of the synchro mechanism excludes this possibility.


Armrests are an important part of an office chair, which you definitely shouldn't save on. Choose a chair with the ability to adjust the height and width of the armrests so that your hands are level with the table top and do not move anywhere. In this case, the arms and shoulders will be relaxed and will not get tired.