Cigarette smoke contains many inorganic compounds such as lead and nickel


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During a puff, liquid enters the body in the form of vapor…

Knowing about the dangers of smoking, many people are trying to overcome nicotine addiction and switch to modern electronic gadgets from a Vapour Store UK. E-cigarettes came into use a few years ago, and today they successfully compete with conventional tobacco products. Electronic cigarettes are fundamentally different from conventional cigarettes, as they emit steam instead of tobacco smoke. And the debate between what is more harmful, vaping or classic cigarettes, does not subside.

Exposure to tobacco smoke from cigarettes Tobacco smoke contains over 4,000 chemical compounds, about half of which are carcinogens and toxins. The main components of tobacco smoke are nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide.

In addition, cigarette smoke contains many inorganic compounds such as lead and nickel. Regular smoking has a general toxic effect on the body.

An electronic cigarette is a device that works similarly to an inhaler. During a puff, liquid enters the body in the form of vapor, and there are sensations somewhat similar to smoking regular cigarettes. Most of the liquids intended for refueling such a gadget do not contain nicotine. Most often, the main components are water, propylene glycol, glycerin and flavorings.

What is more harmful - a vape or a cigarette?

Since vaporizers have appeared relatively recently, scientists have not yet come to a consensus about which cigarettes are more harmful, electronic or ordinary. Nevertheless, most of them are of the opinion that smoking electronic gadgets does not have such a detrimental effect on the state of the body. In high-quality nicotine-free liquids, the amount of carcinogens is minimized, so they will not cause more harm to the body than smoking traditional cigarettes. The only exceptions are cases when a person uses strong liquid for refueling and uses it too often and for a long time.

Passive smoking

The vapor exhaled when smoking electronic cigarettes does not disappear anywhere, but dissipates in the air, and then others breathe it. And although, due to significant differences with cigarettes, vapes are considered safer, they do not bring health benefits in any case. The vapor of e-cigarettes contains free radical toxins. A person who is next to a smoker inhales steam, which is why 25 to 50% of harmful substances enter his body. Such components are especially dangerous for children and pregnant women, since they weaken the immune system, can provoke the development of allergies and disorders from the central nervous system. Conclusion What to smoke, vape or cigarettes is up to the smoker himself. Since electronic gadgets have appeared on the market relatively recently, their effect on the body has not been fully understood. But in any case, comparing ordinary and electronic cigarettes, it becomes obvious that both options are dangerous to the body to varying degrees. That is why it is better for people who care about their own and the health of loved ones to completely give up cigarettes.