Analysis of events shows that logical (often subjective) thinking loses in front of irrefutable proofs of formulas.


Maths in basketball Crypto WiKi
Bookmakers cannot be won without interconnection of calculations with the identified patterns.


Emotions, preferences, intuition are absent in the calculations. Only 100% objectivity and simple combinations of facts. Methods of mathematical statistics dominate in basketball betting. They are the most accurate as they take into account several parameters. Most bookmakers in their lines do not show draws, although they do happen in basketball, although they are extremely rare. From the point of view of mathematical modeling, this balances the teams' chances, makes the outcomes of winning by handicap, totals, or winning one of the clubs equally likely.

Scientific calculations (see {link for details}) accurately calculate computer programs. Whether using basketball predictions for free or engaging in professional sports betting on a paid basis, it must be taken as an axiom that mathematical prediction is not a random luck of the upcoming event, but a well-thought-out winning strategy on a long-term basis. The analysis and calculation algorithm is based on the unbiased logic of numbers and formulas, reliable facts characterizing the effectiveness (potential) of the team. Subjective assessments of analysts and forecasters are excluded, as well as secondary indicators (physical fitness, motivation, etc.), which do not fundamentally affect the outcome of the game. As a result, the permeability of mathematical predictions is stated at the level of 60%, but it can reach up to 75%.


The modeling system (drawing up the desired sample of the state of the basketball team) and predicting outcomes are interconnected. The development of the model is based on the results of studying the specifics of the game, concretizing the factors that contribute to the effectiveness of the competition and the increase in sports results. Another type of modeling is logical and mathematical for the acquisition of specific knowledge in the field of physical training, technical and tactical skill, etc.

Before creating a mathematical model of basketball betting like this one 22 bet app, preliminary work is carried out.

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